7 Basics of Serving and Selling An Arizona Real Estate Listing

There are a lot of different ways to sell a property, but there are some fundamentals everyone should follow. Whether you’re brand new to the world of real estate or you’re a longtime pro, it’s easy to get caught up in everything going on and miss out on some key details.

Today’s market is as competitive as ever, so make sure you’ve got the basics covered:

1. Price it Realistically

Even seasoned real estate veterans sometimes get over zealous with pricing, or worse, allow clients to get wildly unrealistic with the asking number. But local neighborhood values change every year, as does the market in general. It’s important to get the home appraised and look at actual selling history for the area. Go too cheap, and you’ll lose money. But go too high, and you’ll end up waiting a long time for a buyer to come around. 

2. Don’t Conceal Information

Appraisers will appreciate you be upfront about any potential issues or damage to the home, as well potential buyers. In fact, concealing such things could lead to a lawsuit down the line. Make what small fixes you can, and document the rest to have it on record. Doing so will also help build your reputation if you hope to continue in the Arizona real estate market.

3. Clean and Stage

When people visit the property, they should be able to easily envision what life could be like there. While you should never keep the place cluttered with furniture, it’s a good idea to have some accents here and there to help demonstrate the space for what it could be. Naturally, always clean the place thoroughly before any potential buyers see it. 

4. Don’t Neglect Exteriors

The inside of the property is crucial, but the outside is what potential buyers will see first. Especially in Arizona where so many homes have manicured front yards and stone gardens, an unkempt property sticks out like a sore thumb and won’t be appealing. You don’t have to go all out, but do make sure it is tidy with curb appeal. 

5. Take Photos Seriously

It’s astounding how many photos you can find on real estate websites that show left-out cleaning supplies or garbage, or are even snapped from awkward angles that don’t show off the space. Your listing will stand out and attract the most buyers with clean, clear photos. Arizona is known for its bright, sunny days, so there’s no excuse for snapping photos on a cloudy, dreary one that doesn’t put the property in the best light. Consider hiring a professional for the job.

6. Execute a Marketing Plan

Don’t just stick to one real estate website. Publish detailed listings (photos and all) on multiple high-traffic websites and consider spreading the word via social media. If you are a real estate agent, keep in mind that your marketing endeavors will not only help sell the property, but they will also keep the client happy with your efforts. 

7. Be Flexible

Sometimes potential buyers need to see the property after hours or have a lot of questions about it. Be open to flexibility, and schedule appointments based on the buyer’s interest and likelihood of purchasing, not your own personal schedule. Additionally, be at least somewhat flexible with pricing and know what your minimum acceptable offer is.