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Barrett Financial Group provides residents in the state of Arizona with estate loans, probate loans, inheritance loans, and trust loans for beneficiaries and heirs who require short-term funds when they refinance an inherited real-estate only property. Based in Arizona, our company has many years of experience in this field offering our customers fast approval and funding, along with competitive rates for probate loans, as well as superior customer service. We encourage you to contact us today to have your probate estate loan funded as quickly as possible.

Inheritance loans, trust loans, estate loans, and probate loans are all short-term loans against some type of real estate asset that is currently illiquid. This particular type of loan is commonly referred to as an inheritance advance or a probate advance. The estate in question may be going through the trust administration or probate process or the heirs of the inheritance may want to divide the ownership of their property in the estate. Barrett Financial Group also works with lawyers who have a client who needs to take out a loan against their real estate assets that are in a trust or estate.

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Probate Loans Against an Estate

The assets from or in an estate are not able to be distributed to heirs until the probate process is finished. Unfortunately, probate can last from six months to three years. While this lengthy process is going on, heirs may discover they are in a situation where they require probate funding. With a probate loan, an heir or the probate administrator can borrow against the real estate that is in the estate until the probate situation is settled. In many situations, borrowing against the real estate in an estate is a much more affordable option than a cash advance.

Estate Loans to Satisfy the Obligations of the Estate

While the probate process continues, the heirs may require a probate advance to get the funds needed to cover several financial obligations that are related to the estate. These include the costs related to the funeral, making mortgage payments, various legal expenses, settling claims or debts on the estate, paying property taxes, making any needed repairs to properties, or paying off or buying out heirs. With an estate loan, an heir can borrow against the real estate contained in the estate to get the funds needed to handle immediate obligations. Any loan against probate real estate assets can help provide beneficiaries and heirs with a bit of breathing room during this challenging situation.

Buying Out Siblings with an Estate Loan

A fast and easy method for buying our beneficiaries or siblings is an estate loan. With this, those involved can divide the interest in the estate if it contains real estate. The beneficiary that wishes to maintain ownership over the real estate can get an estate loan with all the proceeds going to buy out the other beneficiaries. All beneficiaries and siblings of the estate have to approve the loan that is placed against the real estate. It’s also necessary for them to reach an agreement on the real estate’s value. In most cases, this is obtained through and appraisal.

Trust, Estate, and Probate Loans for Fiduciaries and Attorneys

Barrett Financial Group will work right with fiduciaries and attorneys who have to borrow against real estate on the behalf of a trust or client’s estate. Our team can provide assistance for executors, trustees, and administrators who need fast funding for a short-term loan against a trust or estate. The funds that are borrowed can then be used for paying attorney fees, to pay off other siblings and heirs, to settle debts, pay taxes, and any other obligations of the estate or trust. A beneficiary, trustee, executor, administrator, or probate attorney can initiate the request to get the estate or probate loan.

Tips for Refinancing Inherited Property to Buy Out Heirs

When someone inherits property, issues may arise when one heir wants to keep ownership, but others want to sell the interest they have in the inherited property for cash. The person who opts to keep the property inherited may not have enough cash on hand to pay the other heirs or siblings, so they have to pursue an option to refinance the inherited property. A hard money lender who can provide home equity loans for inherited property is usually the easiest and fastest solution to increase cash and make it possible to buy out other heirs.

The process of refinancing an inherited property usually can’t be done by a more traditional lender such as credit unions and banks. In many cases, the title to inherited property is usually in the name of the estate or trust. Since the title of the actual property isn’t in the name of the person borrowing the money, receiving a mortgage on the inherited property from the bank or credit union is extremely challenging. Banks typically are not interested in refinancing property that has several heirs.

The most viable solution to this issue is to work with a hard money lender who fully understands how heirs should refinance inherited property to buy out other heirs. Before opting to refinance the inherited property, all the heirs have to agree on the existing value of the property and determine the total amount of cash that each heir will receive as their portion.

With an experienced direct hard money lender, Barrett Financial Group has the ability to provide heirs with a home equity loan on real estate. This type of loan actually goes by several names. You may hear of it as inheritance property refinance loans, inheritance loans, estate inheritance loans, trust loans, estate loans, probate real estate loans, probate estate loans, and probate loans. These types of loans all offer heirs a cash out refinance for inherited property.

A hard money lender can refinance all types of inherited property and provide a loan directly to the estate or trust while having the heir take on the loan. Then the proceeds of the loan are distributed to the heirs that are receiving the buy out when they sell their share of the property that was inherited. When the inherited property is refinanced is finished, the owner/borrower will transfer the title of the property into their name and apply for bank loans to get a longer loan term and a lower interest rate.

Comparing Times When Inherited Loans are Needed

Being able to inherit a house or other real estate that has no mortgage is the ideal situation as it offers bigger equity distributions for all the heirs. If heirs happen to inherit a property that has an existing mortgage, then the mortgage has to be paid off first. This is the case unless the heirs only have to have a small second loan behind the first one. The total amount of equity available to the heirs will be reduced based on the balance of the current loan.

When it comes to hard money loans for any purpose, our team at Barrett Financial Group can help you. We offer a wide array of loan opportunities to ensure that everyone can get the money they want and need for an affordable rate. Make sure to contact our team if you are in any of these situations. We can help you with a viable loan solution that will meet your needs and get you the necessary funding in a timely and efficient manner.

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If you are interested in using our services, then reach out to us today. Our team will help ensure you get the funds you need for the investment you want to make. Be sure to read our terms and requirements to minimize the issues related to securing a loan. Our goal is to help make this process easy and hassle free for any borrower, regardless of the property, price, or location. Learn more by contacting us today. We are here to help you with any real estate need that you may have.

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