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There are few career paths with the excitability and upside that real estate investment can offer. At the time of this writing, more than 20 million households are expected to form in the next five years as millennials age into their property buying years. Additionally, 91 out of the top 100 markets for housing in the United States has seen a marked increase in rental prices.

All of this is to say, investing in real estate has a prosperous future and with a prosperous future, investors have the opportunity to give back to their community. Let’s take a look at a few different ways successful real estate investors can give back to their community while building their brand in the process.

Lend Your Talents Where They Can Help

There are few better ways to ingratiate oneself into the community than by offering to support it directly. As a real estate investor, you can directly impact the people around you by lending your talents where they can help. Most professional real estate investors have a knack for public speaking, so consider using that to your advantage by giving speaking engagements at local schools and business workshops.

Think of other ways that your talent might help someone in your area. Do you know students that might be interested in pursuing your career path? Consider offering an internship or mentorship where it might make a difference.

Simple Ideas You Can Offer:

  • Mentorship / Internship
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Charity Drives For the Community
  • Teach a Class on Investing

Raise Money For a Local Effort

Each community is beholden to its own set of specific needs. Take a moment to look at the places in your community that people are struggling and try to find a way to address these issues. You may not be running for political office, but you can make a positive impact while publicly raising your brand along the way.

Raising money for local efforts can take many shapes. We can look at something like Habitat for Humanity as a wonderful cause to support. Helping to build homes for low-income and underserved communities can change actual lives with little more than your support when you have the time. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization, so investors can even write their donations off during tax season.

Of course, there are other ways we can support the community surrounding us. Whether we are fundraising for a local child’s hospital bills or trying to help a beloved business stay afloat through a fundraising event, real estate investors can make an impact in the ways that they see fit.

Donate Profits Directly to Charity

Finally, the easiest way to impact your community through real estate investing is by setting aside a portion of profits for charity. This is as simple and straightforward as it sounds. Simply pick a percentage or dollar amount that you are comfortable donating and pick a charity in the region that needs help. Every sale will go toward supporting those efforts, rising the tide of the community at the same time!

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