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San Tan Valley is a census-designated place in Arizona that was home to more than 81,000 people in 2010. Since that time, the population has only continued to grow, leading to an increase in housing demands. Real estate investors can take advantage of opportunities in this area by seeking hard money loans in Arizona.

About San Tan Valley, Arizona

San Tan Valley is a part of Pinal County. It is named in honor of the San Tan Mountains, which are located nearby. This community is located in Phoenix’s southeastern suburbs, allowing residents to travel into the city in less than an hour.

Most of San Tan Valley is made up of planned communities. It is bounded by San Tan Mountains Regional Park and the Gila River Indian Community. Because San Tan Valley is located in the Sonoran Desert, its climate is fairly predictable. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are moderate and include very little precipitation. Snow is extremely rare in San Tan Valley.

At the time of the last recorded census, more than 66 percent of the people living in San Tan Valley were non-Hispanic whites. Approximately 5 percent of the community’s population was black, and 2 percent of the population was Asian. Nearly one in four people in San Tan Valley identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino.

Two different school districts serve households in San Tan Valley: the Florence Unified School District and the J.O. Combs Unified School District. San Tan Valley is home to several unique attractions and annual festivals, including the Queen Creek Olive Mill, Schnepf Farms, the Links at Queen Creek and the Arizona Renaissance Festival, which is held in March.

The History of San Tan Valley

The name of San Tan Valley has been disputed and changed many times. In the past, the community has been referred to as the San Tan Area, Greater San Tan, San Tan Foothills and San Tan Heights.

Prior to 2000, the community was primarily composed of agricultural land and undeveloped desert. However, throughout the decade, the population began to grow. In 2004, residents began attempting to incorporate the area, but attempts were not successful. Subsequent failed attempts to incorporate were made in 2005 and 2010.

Nonetheless, San Tan Valley continues to grow. As more people move into this community, it is likely that the demand for housing will increase considerably.

Investing in San Tan Valley

San Tan Valley is an up-and-coming community with a bright future. This beautiful community is situated among the foothills of the San Tan Mountains, offering its residents and visitors breathtaking views and a peacefulness that cannot be beat. The community is home to San Tan Mountain Park, which offers hiking trails and plenty other opportunities for recreation.

In addition to providing a quaint, peaceful lifestyle for its residents, San Tan Valley also offers a short commute to the busier city of Phoenix. Residents of San Tan Valley can enjoy a small-town feel at home while still taking advantage of all of the employment and entertainment opportunities Phoenix has to offer.

Because of the many benefits of living in San Tan Valley, the population of this area is growing continuously. As a result, real estate investors have an opportunity to make substantial profits by purchasing real estate within this community.

Hard Money Lenders in San Tan Valley

It is clear that San Tan Valley represents a significant income-earning opportunity for real estate investors. More people are moving into the area in need of affordable housing. Real estate investors can purchase property in this area and build new homes or renovate existing homes However, before investors can begin profiting from the opportunities in San Tan Valley, they need a reliable source of capital.

For most investors, capital to make new purchases will come from a lender who understands the business. Hard money lenders in Arizona can help you get the capital need to purchase an investment property quickly and without as much effort.

Hard Money Lending Basics

Hard money loans are not the same as traditional real estate loans. While a traditional real estate loan requires you to complete a lengthy application process and submit many documents to prove your income and support your creditworthiness, hard money financing does not. Instead, you will simply submit to a credit check for verification purposes. In most cases, the lender will accept a statement of your income only, as the loan will be based mostly on the value of the asset that secures it. Hard money loans give you access to the funds you need as quickly as possible so you can make a competitive offer when you find the perfect property.

If you are looking for the best, most reliable hard money lenders Arizona has to offer, look no further than Hanson Capital. At Hanson Capital, we offer quick access to the funds you need. In fact, you may be able to have the funding you need in hand in as little as 24 hours when you trust our team with your financing needs. Depending on the situation, we can finance up to 85 or even 90 LTV in some cases. Please contact us today to begin the application process and get the money you need.

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