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At Hard Money Lenders Arizona, our team of safe and trustworthy lenders understands the challenges that plague many investors looking to get started with Arizona real estate investment. From strict credit requirements to harsh collaterals, we’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be for well-meaning and smart investors to secure the financing they need. That’s why we strive every day to provide hard money loans that are not dependent on credit scores. Offering hard money loans for investment properties all across the state, we’ve recently seen a rise in opportunities in the city of Tempe, AZ.

Thinking about pursuing a commercial or residential real estate investment in Tempe? We encourage you to learn more about all this city has to offer, as well as how our team at Hard Money Lenders can make it easier for you to secure the funding you need to get the ball rolling.

About Tempe

Located between the state capital of Phoenix and the state’s Easy Valley, Tempe is a vivacious suburb that is home to nearly 200,000 people. Comprising more than 40 square miles, the city reports a heavy Millennial population—with 14% of the city’s residents ranging from 25 to 34 years old. On a related note, Tempe is also home to the main campus of Arizona State University.

Living in Tempe

There’s so much to love about living in Tempe, and it’s no wonder that the city has been consistently ranked as one of the best cities for Millennials in the entire state of Arizona. For starters, Tempe’s location is very centralized, so there’s a lot for its residents to see and do without having to travel very far. Within 20 minutes, you can get to downtown Phoenix or even Scottsdale; Tempe is also just 10 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, making it a hub to just about any worldly destination you may desire.

Throughout Tempe, there are also plenty of unique places to explore. This includes popular Tempe Town Lake, a great destination for all kinds of outdoor activities you wouldn’t typically expect to be able to do in the middle of a desert. From paddleboarding and picnicking to biking and hiking, there’s something for everybody here.

Throughout the year, Tempe also hosts a wide range of festivals and other special events that are sure to thrill. From concerts held in Tempe Beach Park to annual arts and crafts festivals and more, there’s never a dull moment in Tempe.

Combine all of this with Tempe’s college-town vibe, vibrant nightlife, and diverse restaurants scene—and it’s easy to see why so many people (young and old) are flocking to live in this fun city.

Investment Opportunities in Tempe

If you’re looking for a smart place to invest your money in Arizona real estate, don’t overlook Tempe. This city has been named one of the state’s “hidden opportunities” for both residential and commercial real estate. On top of the high demand for housing in Tempe, there are many other reasons to consider investing in Tempe real estate.

For starters, property prices in Tempe are low, especially when compared to similar cities across the country. Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial real estate, there is no shortage of decently priced options in Tempe. Meanwhile, opportunities for profitability are also high. This is especially true when it comes to short-term rentals, such as Airbnb and VRBO properties. Specifically, the current ROI on these properties in Tempe is estimated to be nearly 4.5%!

Thinking about investing in Tempe? Here are some promising neighborhoods to consider:

• University Estates
• Kyrene-Superstition
• Shalimar

All of these neighborhoods offer excellent potential for residential rental income, as well as a high price-to-rent ratio and cash-on-cash return.

Securing Investment Loans in Tempe

Finding excellent real estate investment opportunities in Tempe isn’t difficult, but securing the financing you need can be. This is where our team at Hard Money Lenders Arizona steps in to help. Unlike traditional real estate investment loans, we offer financing without a heavy reliance on your credit score or even collateral. Instead, we focus on the potential that your investment has and your ability to demonstrate that you can pay your loan back in a timely manner.

We offer a wide range of hard money loans to real estate investors in the Tempe area, including:

• Buy and hold loans
• Construction land loans
• Fix and flip loans (rehab loans)
• Private money loans

We also take great pride in our competitive loan terms; compared to a traditional real estate investment loan, our financing options have very low interest rates and favorable loan terms as well. Whether you’re interested in taking on a short sale, a rehab property, or even a commercial property, our knowledgeable team is here to help you every step of the way.

As you explore your financing options for a Tempe investment property, we encourage you to give Hard Money Lenders Arizona a careful look. By going this route, you can save yourself a lot of the time and frustration that comes along with applying for a traditional loan. With a hard money loan, there is no need to submit pay stubs, tax forms, or other cumbersome documentation to get your application processed—and in many cases, we can approve your request in as little as 24 hours. From there, you can get the ball rolling on your next investment.

Questions? Ready to apply? Contact our team at Hard Money Lenders Arizona today!

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