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The second most populated city in Arizona, Tucson is known for its rich culture and its status as the home of University of Arizona. Thanks to the availability of jobs in the area, as well as the many amenities this city has to offer, Tucson is continuously drawing new residents. If you are a real estate investor, you can use a hard money loan to take advantage of this market and build your wealth

About Tucson, Arizona

During the 2010 census, the population of Tucson was calculated at 520,116 people. The city covers a total of 226.71 square miles. It is surrounded by five minor mountain ranges. Tucson is approximately 69 miles north of the border between Mexico and the United States. It is also 116 miles from the larger city of Phoenix. 

At the time of the most recent census, nearly half the population of Tucson was made up of non-Hispanic whites. Around 5 percent of the population was black, and 2.7 percent were Native American. Another 2.9 percent identified themselves as Asian. Hispanic or Latino people made up 41.6 percent of the population at this time. Nearly half the population of Tucson falls between the ages of 25 and 64. 

Tucson’s climate is considered hot semi-arid. It has two major seasons: summer and winter. In the summer, daytime temperatures are commonly over 100 degrees. At night, the temperatures fall between the mid-60s and mid-80s. In the winter months, daytime highs range between 64 degrees and 75 degrees, with nighttime lows between 30 and 44 degrees. Tucson also experiences a monsoon season each year, which officially begins on June 15. However, the first monsoon storms don’t usually appear until July. Monsoons may continue into September. 
Much of the economy and growth in the city of Tucson is attributed to the presence of the University of Arizona. This establishment is currently the largest employer in the city. Many of the residents of Tucson also work at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which is located nearby.

Exploring the History of Tucson

Tucson has a long history, dating back as far as 12,000 years. Although the city was once part of Mexico, it was acquired by the United States in 1854. By 1857, Tucson was a stage station on the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line. It has also been a part of Butterfield Overland Mail, which continued until 1861. 

Tucson was officially incorporated in 1877 and is the oldest incorporated city in the state. In the earliest decades of the 1900s, Tucson was the largest commercial center and city in Arizona. However, it was surpassed by Phoenix by 1920. Nonetheless, Tucson is still an expansive city with a growing population, making it prime territory for real estate investors.

Population Growth in Tucson

Since its earliest years, the population of Tucson has been growing continuously. In fact, it was once the largest city in the state of Arizona. Today, it is the second largest city, but it has one of the highest growth rates of any jurisdiction in the entire country. 

Many amenities make Tucson a popular choice among homebuyers. Tucson has several large employers that span different industries, including education, retail, military and technology. Tucson also hosts multiple cultural events throughout the year that reliably draw large and diverse crowds. Residents enjoy plenty of opportunities to enjoy fine dining, as well as casual restaurants. The Arizona Opera and the Tucson Symphony Orchestra provide refined entertainment options. 

As more people continue to move to Tucson, the housing market booms. New residents are in search of places to live all the time, so investors can profit from rental units, new constructions and renovated homes. If you are a real estate investor interested in taking advantage of some of the opportunities available in Tucson, a hard money loan can help you accomplish your goals.

Hard Money Lenders in Tucson

Although there are many opportunities to invest in real estate in the city of Tucson, the market can also be competitive. When a prospective investment property becomes available, you need to have the ability to move quickly before another investor grabs it. One of the best ways to obtain the capital you need to finance real estate investments in the city of Tucson is with the help of Hard Money Lenders Arizona. We offer hard money loans that provide the cash you need in record time.

About Hard Money Lending

Hard money loans are an alternative to traditional real estate financing. They have more flexible requirements and loan-to-value limits, making them a better choice for real estate investors. Hard money loans also tend to be funded much more quickly than a traditional real estate loan.

Our hard money loans can often be based on stated income, which dramatically reduces your paperwork requirements. In addition, our loans do not carry the same stringent credit requirements as a traditional loan, which means you can qualify even if your credit isn’t perfect. In fact, hard money loans can be obtained solely based on the value of the property in question. Your hard money loan can also be made available much more quickly, with some loans funded in as little as one day. LTC or LTVs of up to 85 percent are available.

If you are interested in obtaining a hard money loan to purchase property in Tucson, please contact Hard Money Lenders Arizona today.

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