Trust Deed Investments

Trust Deed Investments

When individuals choose to invest in real estate for rental or flipping purposes, one of the options for lending is trust deed investing. Through this method, individuals or groups loan their private money to people who are looking to purchase property they intend to turn around and sell or make money from. This type of lending is often easier to obtain than bank lending because of the different ways in which it works. This is because these loans are secured by the property that will be purchased with the funds.

What You Can Expect from Trust Deed Investments

Before you make the decision to move forward with this type of investment, it’s important to understand exactly what a trust deed loan will look like. When you obtain financing through a private individual, you can expect to pay interest rates of at least nine percent, which is higher than your typical bank-funded mortgage. Terms for these loans are often much shorter, ranging from as few as three months up to three years. You can expect to borrow between 60 and 65 percent of the loan to value ratio, with amounts ranging between $50,000 and $2,000,000, depending on the value of the property you are considering. All of these loans are underwritten and will come with many of the same legal obligations as a mortgage would.

Filling out Your Investment Application

As with any mortgage-type loan, you will need to fill out an investment application for consideration. Even though trust deed investments don’t typically have the same expectations as a bank loan, you will need to provide a variety of basic information. This may include your contact information, investment objectives, investment background and more. You will need to indicate the types and sizes of the properties you are considering, as well as how much money you are expecting to obtain from this type of financing. Once this request is approved, the lender will often require you to fill out an additional form that details the particular property you are interested in.

Trust deed investing is typically much different than other types of lending. It’s up to the individual lender to determine whether to lend out the money or deny the application. This means they may not deny it based solely on whether they think an investor is going to be able to repay it. They may look at the property in question and determine it isn’t worth the risk of investing. In the same way, this means individuals who are interested in renovating property to sell it for a higher cost have a better chance of getting the funds they need to complete the project, saving them from the hassle of qualifying for a bank loan.

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