According to a study published by the U.S. Census Bureau, renters comprised nearly 36% of the nation’s households in 2019 alone. With more and more young professionals opting to rent over own, the landlords of tomorrow need to use today to prepare. First-time landlords have an exciting opportunity at their fingertips, but only if they take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Today, we are going to walk through a list of everything that first-time landlords should know and understand as they leap into their business.

Building a Successful Rent-by-Owner Business

Private rentals are going to become increasingly popular as a form of side income in the coming years. When we talk about ‘rent by owner’, we are referring to private individuals who own a small collection of units. In these situations, both tenant and landlord will likely deal directly with one another rather than through a conventional broker or real estate agency. Before applying for your business loan from Hard Money Lenders Arizona, we have a few suggestions to help your business.

To inspire the best tenants while building a profitable business for the future, consider enacting a few of the following tips:

Play the Professional Role

As both the owner of these rental units and the individual who rents them, it is of the utmost importance to treat your landlord role as a professional one. This is a legal business with obligations that must be met, relationships that must be maintained, and laws that must be followed. Cross your Ts and dot your ‘i’s to make sure both landlord and tenant enjoy a fruitful and professional relationship.

Search For Quality Tenants

Becoming a successful landlord relies on the ability to find quality tenants. What does this mean in practice? Set up a process that will allow you to appropriately screen for the best tenants available. You can hire a company to manage your tenant relations or you can do them on your own. Consider performing background checks, contacting references, and customizing the rental agreement for the specific renter. Most of all, treat your tenants well and work to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Be quick to resolve disputes while respecting your tenant and your rental business will flourish.

Cement Your Collection Methods

Even if you are best friends with your tenants, your rental business is still a business. Put everything pertaining to payment in your rental agreement and make sure that both tenant and landlord understand what this means. Iron out a dedicated payment method to ensure that payments are made and everyone is held accountable.

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